Coming Together To Build A More Inclusive Community

CCLC Company Statement June 19, 2020

The recent racially motivated incidents across the country have created a wave of hurt, outrage and protest.  We empathize with those individuals and families directly impacted, and with community members who have gone through their day-to-day lives in our world where these events are a reality.  The Chevy Chase Land Company of today stands for the ideals of diversity and inclusion and continues to actively support our community as it strives for greater equality. However, to truly move forward, we must acknowledge our past and come together to build an inclusive community.

Established in 1890 by Senator Francis G. Newlands, The Chevy Chase Land Company has played a vital role in the development and growth of the Chevy Chase community and Washington Metropolitan region. Our Board of Directors recognizes that despite Senator Newlands’ accomplishments, his views on race contradict the ideals of our company fabric. We are committed to taking a collaborative, community-first approach to investing in our neighborhoods, and we recognize that the Francis Griffith Newlands Memorial Fountain has a divisive impact. Should the community vote to rename the fountain, we wholeheartedly support their decision and commit to supporting the necessary steps required to make the change.

The Chevy Chase Land Company is committed to a brighter and more inclusive future. It is our hope that by announcing our support for a community vote to rename the Chevy Chase Circle Fountain, we send a clear message that we will continue collaborating with and supporting the neighborhoods in which we work and live to create a safe and diverse community filled with opportunities for all.

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